streetsongs and standards

by Pallet of Leaves

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Troubles, troubles everywhere Worries, you know that I’ve got my share Wish that I, could brush them all away, just like a-Brushing off the snowflakes from my sleeve Music, you know there’s music everywhere People, won’t you tell me do you care? This song, is older than the oldest living Trees, sweeter than the summer breeze I’m gonna sing to remember, sing to forget Sing for all of my happiness And not my regrets, I’m gonna Sing a a song of courage, oh-oh Not a song of fear I’m gonna sing my vision of the new creation, Won’t you tell me do you wanna hear? Changes, are on there way There’s no choice, between tomorrow and today, So I say accept what you cannot change Change what you can’t accept, for Yours my friend is the only life, whose Course you can set
Hey You, yes you who are standing over There, you come from I know not Where but I know that sometimes you Just wanna move, you just wanna lose your Self in the music and feel like your walking on Air Yes I Know, I know that sometimes it is Hard, to leave behind all of your Worries, to Shake off the cares of the day, Oh People won’t you hear what I’m sayin, you got to Lay down your burden and Dance for me Come a little closer and dance for me get up out of your chairs and dance for me I want you to show me your way Oh baby won't you show me the way Oh, we are birds of a feather …we are flockin' together Oh, we are birds of a feather Come on baby spread your feathers Won’t come a little closer and show me your moves Don’t you know I love it when you break the rules Don’t you know baby when you shake your tail It’s makes me wanna give mine a shake as well ….oh baby Spread your feathers ….oh baby Shake your tail Come on People we are flockin’ together You’re a Blowing your whistle, I’m a ringin my bell …Come on Come on baby Dance for me
I don’t want to be your master, I don’t want to be your slave I just want to wander the world with you 'til our ashes are scattered into the waves Sometimes I wake up in the morning, I feel like blowing my horn But then when the chill of the evening comes I’ll be back in our kitchen, keeping you warm The minutes may seem like hours, the hours they may seem like days And someone may tell us we cannot go on, but I give you my word dear, we’ll find a way The brooks run into the ocean, the ocean run into the sea Someday when the flowers are blooming still, we’ll lay ourselves down on a pallet of leaves


‘Pallet of Leaves’ is:
Nick Morrison – banjo, bongo, vocals
Maike Novák – bongo, vocals
Felix Gibaud – saxophone, bass clarinet, vocals
Joe Smith – percussion

Special thanks Djah Barro for his djembe playing on tracks 2 and 5.

All songs recorded to 4-track cassette tape in Spandau, Berlin, February 2017, except track 6, recorded at Noize Fabrik on 17.2.2017.

‘Mole in the ground’, 'Sitting on top of the world’, and ‘Peace like a river’ are all traditional (public domain).

All other songs written and arranged by Pallet of Leaves. – fb/palletofleaves


released March 6, 2017


all rights reserved



Pallet of Leaves Berlin, Germany

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